Pantheon. The 10-minute WordPress Migration

Pantheon. The 10-minute WordPress Migration

PantheonWe can migrate your WordPress site to Pantheon 10 minutes.

It’s a bold statement, and an important part of our ongoing mission to help our clients add value to web products, not sink money into maintaining existing value.



We hear the same story over and over:

Our Web Hosting company sucks. They promised the world, but in reality, they’re slow, unreliable, and unmanageable. We’d switch, but it seems risky and expensive.


We used to agree with them. But here’s the story we tell them now:

We recently migrated our own WordPress site to Pantheon (from GoDaddy). It took 10 minutes start to finish. We spent longer discussing it than actually doing it. We’ve done a lot of migrations in the past, usually involving a 3rd-party backup plugin, which then takes a lot of work to go through cryptic migration errors, and fix the litany of bugs that follow. However, now that we’re using Pantheon’s migration plugin, the migration flow is bulletproof. The first time we used it, when it completed with no fuss, we were actually confused. Confusion quickly gave way to excitement as we clicked through the resulting migrated site and found that nothing had broken. I mean, there was nothing left to do.


So, we’ll wrap up with a bit of commentary on the process. The process for this 10-minute migration is basically 2 steps – install the plugin on your current site, and then give that plugin access to the new site. The migration runs, transfers the entire site, and that’s it. Here are a couple screenshots (not much to show here since – it just works):

Pantheon migration

Pantheon migration 2

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